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Experimental / Chaotic Noise

Bromtol lights another candle in the tunnel, and the edges of the shadow become indistinct - At this point we were requested a particular detour - Insistent, something primeval in the way it JUST KEPT SHUFFLING Forward - There was once a story about a seeker who wanted enlightenment and spend 60 decades in abject poverty, compleate isolation - Sequestered in a cave, bricked in with empty wine casks and nodding head statues - There were only the memories of spiders in these dark recesses - Anywasy ( or so the story goes ) they emerged from this self - imposed exile, bursting with urgency & a unyielding desire to share this universal truth, this path to enlightenment with everyone - Indeed, with anyone who would take a moment to listen. Anyhow ( Or so they say ) they took three steps and fell to the ground, dead as dirt. Dead as a corpse. Fully deceased, Anyhow, I can see you've lost interest - I'll just pack up my sample case and leave a little bit of cash and the car & hotel keys right here under the lamp. Don't feel the need to get up, I'll see myself out -

Sounds = Dolores Mondo Stash, Lärmschutz & NxRxFxBx.
Text = {AN} EeL
Image = Volker Störtebeker


released May 9, 2021

Lärmschutz: larmschutz.nl

No Rest For Brazilians (NxRxFxBx) is:
- Uruly
- Existência Com Gosto De Nada (existenciacomgostodenada.bandcamp.com)

Dolores Mondo Stash: doloresmondostash.bandcamp.com




Lärmschutz Utrecht, The Netherlands

Free-improvised brass and string noise-punk from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lärmschutz is: Stef Brans: guitar, stuff on strings
Rutger van Driel: trombone, electronics, bass

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