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Battle of Nürnberg [FA#61]

by Lärmschutz

First Half 43:16
Second Half 44:27


June 25, a particular sunday in 2006, remains one of the darkest of days in Dutch soccer-history. Not only did Portugal defeat the Dutch national team with 1-0 during the world cup, but it happened in a rather bloody manner.

Tackles, whining from the players, deception and cheating from both sides completely murdered any chivalry or sportsmanship that may have been there at the start of the match.

In total, sixteen yellow and four red cards we're passed by referee Valentin Ivanov. The Britisch BBC named the match rather fittingly: "battle of Nürnberg".

During the recording of this release, we re-watched the match while improvising this soundtrack. We also made teams: Stef (guitar) and Jan (drums) 'cheered' for Portugal, while Rutger (trombone) and Niels (bass) played representing the Netherlands.

Tapes available here: fauxamisrecords.bandcamp.com/album/battle-of-n-rnberg-fa-61


released September 12, 2020

Rutger van Driel - trombone
Stef Brans - guitar
Niels Achtereekte - bass
Jan van Wessel - drums




Lärmschutz Utrecht, The Netherlands

Free-improvised brass and string noise-punk from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lärmschutz is: Stef Brans: guitar, stuff on strings
Rutger van Driel: trombone, electronics, bass

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