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This is our VIP membership-page. We are very excited to offer this to any interested music lovers out there. We have been looking for a way to thank anyone who has shown recurring interest in our music for some time, so we are delighted that Bandcamp offers this service.

When you sign-up, you immediately get all releases from our back catalog as a download.

We're releasing new material fast, so the catalog is growing! From now until april 2016, we've got a new release lined up for just about every month, through labels in Canada, New York City and our home, the Netherlands.

It will be nonstop new music on this page. Some of it will only be available to subscribers.

Thanks so much for checking this out!

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Utrecht, The Netherlands
Free-improvised brass and string noise-punk from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lärmschutz is: Stef Brans: guitar, stuff on strings
Rutger van Driel: trombone, electronics
Thanos Fotiadis: drums, synth, electronics

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